November 18th, 2011

starting my quadsuit

so i have decided that i want to make a quadsuit and possibly/eventually a hands and knees quad.
i am trying to decide what my first one should be. I would mostly be wearing it around non-furry people so i want them to be able to tell what i am easily :3  i'm only 15 and can't get to furmeets cause of me and my parents schedule. (also cause i don't know when/where any are D: i heard there are some furs that meet about once a month at the moore bowling alley in oklahoma but that came from someone whos sister/daughter (i can remember) works at the bowling alley. also, i am trying to stay away from hooved animals cause most of them have long (in a suit probably heavy) necks and i want this suit to be as comfortable as a quadsuit can be.

heres a list of what i'm considering:
• Cougar (most likely. its simple and i like the way them)
• Boat/bunny-goat (this would be my second choice if the first fails. they are easy to identify no matter the colors/patterns and they are cute)
•giant anteater (maby, their colors/pattern are simple but that tail o.o)
•maned wolf (im tired of all the wolf links....sure they're cool but there could be a whole convention just for people with a wolf link quad -_-)
• Tauros (MABY, i know quadsuit are already heavy and that mane looks awfully big)
• espeon (its simple and i might be able to see through the eyes. if i can, because of their size, visoin would be a bit better than other suits)
• Liepard (maby, this is my 2nd suit and my 1st quad and 1st full suit. those spots might be kinda hard for a 1st time)
• Dragon (it would have to be wingless cause i dont like wings. they are big and kinda get in the way)

i have several questions:

1. how do we see? i have heard we can add a collar with hidden/blended in see through material to see from the neck or if the animal/character has a short neck or no neck (O.o) then we can see from the eyes/mouth.

2. hand stilts. i get the idea on how to make them but i would like to have a jointed wrist/paw. hows the best way to do this and what materials are best? I was thinking of using PVC for the stilts and putting foam around the top, inside edge so it does not cut me.

3. neck. how do we do the neck? I know that if the fur is the same color/s we can just make the neck overlap the body but what if it has different colors? do we make it so it would tuck into the body? i am probably going to be moving around a lot so the neck would have to be able to move a bit.

follow me eyes

Im making follow-me eyes from resin halfspheres (painter's pallet) and im a bit stumped. I saw in the memories you paint the flat side on one and the curved on the other, glue them together and bam have a following eye, but when it comes to getting the pupils even...i suck. I dont think you can stencil a curved edge, is it possible to put colored paper inserts in the middle or will that kill the effect? I think following eyes would work better for my resin mask blanks. whats the easiest way to do this?

Modifying a DTD

 I have recently lost a lot of weight since I made my DTD. I do not wish to make another if I don't have to so I am wondering if there is a way to modify the waist of a DTD without destroying the it or should I just suck it up and make a new DTD.

Thank you.