November 21st, 2011

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Meet Jabari and... Jabari!

Meet Jabari! This is a photo edited collage of Jabari as a Cub and as an adult. It is the same body, feet, paws, tail, but the adult has its own head and chestfur piece. Jabari was made for a friend and was first sighted at MFF 2011 in Chicago.

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There are many entries here asking about matching fur lengths, textures, and colors, especially as different sites rename the same fur. Is there a way we could collaborate and come up with a chart, possibly posted in the user info, that people could refer to?
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I was working on my new fursuit head (pictured in my icon) when my cat came out of nowhere and scratched the nose. Now I'm looking for a solution. I built the original nose out of a folded Foamie sheet. Is there a way to repair two vertical catscratch lines in Foamies?

What other options would I have for a nose that would be easy to make inside my apartment, very lightweight (lighter than Sculpey), and won't be scratched so easily?

EDIT: LOL Thank you all for helping me. To better understand the color issue, the peach color that I need is here:

really early kangaroo help!

Alright, so I'm attempting to do a kangaroo here, but dammit their heads are just so weird!

I think i basically ended up with a dinosaur shape here D:
Now, this is like, really really early, like only maybe 2 hours of work, so it's not anywhere even remotely half done.
Thing is, the first thing i wanted to get done was their strange slanted muzzle shape, of the top jaw.  So that's all that i've got here, and I'm going to beg beg beg you guys to help me out here!  This shape i've got at the moment is just all sorts of special and wonky.  For some reason, I just can't get a good kangaroo shape (probably also because a large part of that shape is due to their funky nose and i haven't even gotten near that yet).  But if anyone can help me out with tips or redlines, or whatever, to help me fix this monster i created, I'd be super happy :P

Also I should note, i am super aware that that line that runs near the bottom of the lip line looks like a sad attempt at a lower jaw.  It's not, it's just another piece of foam I stuck on to the upper jaw to try and make it more of a slopey shape.  There is no lower jaw on here at all, it's all just upper muzzle.
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