November 22nd, 2011

1 week fursuit project - day 1

who wants to see if 2 people can make a halfway decent fursuit in a week? we want to give this whole fursuit building jazz a whirl, with the goal of making a full-time business out of making fursuits and other fandom-related stuff (not just furry; anime, steampunk etc too)
as everyone knows, the hardest part of any project is getting started. thats why we set ourselves the challenge of making a suit out of cheap materials in the space of a week. this means we dont have the luxury of fretting over all the little details that can destroy your life when youre trying to get something off the ground.Collapse )

toony paw question

I'm working on some paw paws and I am trying to figure out how to make the fingers a little nubbier but still have some movement. (they look baggy because they are unstuffed, palm up)

anyone have any ideas on how to make the fingers nubbier? I'm basically trying to do a drop crotch, but fingers. Not quite feral. pad out the webbings? I dunno.
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Grey fleece

Ive asked Fursuit Auctions and they dont seem to know, so i thought i'd ask here for help. Im looking for "pewter" fleece, its a SOLID grey, and i cant seem to find it anywhere. Ive been hunting on google/ebay for months to no avail, even got swatches, as well as calling up fabric warehouse suppliers. If anyone can help me i will be extremely grateful. If you can find anything, even remotely close i'll give it a go. I originally found this at Jo Ann's fabric store, but they no longer carry it. :( 

Here is the fleece i need:

I found this but the supplier is in the UK, i really dont want to pay a ton for shipping over seas if i can help it. :( 

Some feedback on a head?

Hey there everyone, I have been working on a Coyote head on the weekend and would like some constructive criticism or any advice. At this stage, it's only foamed with eyes, and some masking tape pattern over the top (in some).
So if you guys have some advice for me please let me know! I am awfully proud of this since the jaw actually moves (my last jaw became static due to doing it wrong, whereas this one has quite good sensitivity). Thanks in advance!
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Thanks in advance!
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Persian Cat Suit Update, help plz?

Well I got the Persian cat almost done. But he doesn't look right. I need to add whiskers and I need to flatten the nose more. I didn't shave the face very much because the real cat its being modeled after, has long hair on his face XD BUT, there is still something wrong with it. The open jaw, Persian cats do that sometimes so I am ok with it. He also hangs his tongue out. But to me it just doesn't look "Persian" enough. Advice?

The REAL cat:
the wip suit. :

Lining Paws

I want to give my boyfriend some handpaws for Christmas but the fur I got was the blue plush or soft fur that was selling for about 6$ a yard since they were getting rid of the last of the stock and as some of you know the backing isn't great, thus uncomfortable. So I was planning to use some fleece to line them but I'm not sure how to go about doing such.

I thought of just sandwiching the 4 layers together but I think it would leave some of the fur backing exposed on the sides and being the cut end it would be just as annoying as leaving it all, if not more so.

Head update

Sorry for so many posts, I am just having a bit of trouble with my
Coyote/Wolf head.. I find the feedback from this community so helpful,
so any more advice/constructive criticism would be wonderful.

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