November 23rd, 2011

resin woes

I use Easy Cast by Castin' Craft and its kinda like a 50/50 for me. Half the time my batches cure fully in 24 hours and pop out great, and then on the other half, they are still sticky to the touch and somewhat soft after a full 24 hours. I mixed for 3 minutes with this batch just as i did the batch i made the day prior, yet this one is being pesty. If i leave them alone for another day or so will they eventually fully harden? Or if they have cooled back down and are still sticky are they trash-can destined? Nothing in the cast itself is wrong they just arent fully hard yet like they others have been. No tempt change in my work room, nothing i altered...

Also, is rebound 25 silicone rubber okay to cast noses and pawpads with or should i use something different? Where do i find pigments for silicone? And is it best to make the clay positive, plaster on top then pour the silicone directly into the plaster mold or does it need a mold release first?

And on another note about eyes. I followed Beetlecat's tutorial on painting resin eyes for the follow-me effect, though when i put the unpainted half onto the painted half not only does it magnify the pupil but when i turn the eye, some directions it follows me and others it just goes all white/clear. Am i doing something wrong or is it only meant to follow you at certain angles/degrees?
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Has anyone heard from Mianame?

About a year ago, she finished a Sergal Head for me, and emailed pictures. Here's one of them:

Big version:

I have emailed her a few times to confirm payment, but then I didn't hear from her. I sent another few emails over the last few months, one in August, and one again today but I haven't heard from her for going on nearly a year now. Has anyone heard from her? =(

Her FA hasn't been updated...

I paid the deposit on this work, and would love to pay the rest so the head can be mailed to me.

Advice, anyone?
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sewing machine hapl

HI guys! i have a signer 4411  and trying to get used to it. tested it with a scrap piece of crcrafts cubby fur, and it had no problems, yet when i tested some fur from DF, it choked on it D:   (yes im using a size 100/16 ball point needle :P)

i was hoping someone would have some insight
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Short Pile Furs?

Hey there guys, I've opened up for suit commissions and it's going very well so far! My waitlist is growing, and growing fast! So anyway, I wanted to experiment with short and long pile furs for my next suit. For my sepia suit I used Fabric Empires Shag furs, and they're a little too long for what I'm looking for. The fur tends to look pressed flat or as if it's laying down, and I want something that stands up and looks fuzzy. :3 I guess I'm wanting a shorter pile fur? Maybe something that's less than an inch? Any suggestions? A pretty good example of the length and quality that I'm looking for is the suit Barley 

Go here for a larger image:

If you guys could give me a few links, that would be amazing!