November 25th, 2011


Obligatory repost: Searching for 1.25-2in black fur

Still hunting for fur for Fen V2. I've got everything covered (I think) except for one. I need a black fur that's between the lengths of Arctic fox black and Teddy black (2.5in and 1.25in), and it has to not have that purplish sheen that some furs have. I've found two that would have worked, except for that >.<

I'm getting sort of desperate, so I'm going to up the ante: I'm willing to pay, trade some of virtually any fur I have, or make fursuit items up to TWICE THE VALUE of the yardage you have! I need 1/2-1 1/2 yards, but if you have a significant amount of scraps I'd be happy with that too. I may want a sample if I'm not familiar with you or your knowledge of furs, some people think black is black is black, and those who have handled a freaking ton of fur know that there are differences. I'm more than willing to pay for one.

NO DF FUR, thanks but no thanks.

Also, I've emailed Mendel's, I'm Stuffed, and FabricDepot, and looked through the clearance of NFT, as well as looked through virtually every website I could think of, including Ebay and Etsy. So I think the last shot I've got is hoping someone here's got something they found locally and has a little bit of leftovers of.

Finally, I've gone through a lot of trouble (and expense) getting 13 different kinds of black fur/fibers that match well, so I really don't want to airbrush something that's not quite right. If all else fails, I'll shave one of my longer furs, but I'm really hoping to find something that will work as is.


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Dia Sewing

Please do NOT Dry Clean your suit!!

THIS is why!!! (owner allowed me to take this close up picture to give everyone a warning)

That fur on the head, and the body are exactly the same. The only difference is the body was Dry Cleaned. It ruins it. It is really curled and in this picture, it is already brushed.

Be very careful with washing your suits, please.