November 26th, 2011

  • xarzyth

Eye Help

So I'm working on my first suit here, and I'm not really sure if I can manage to do 3d buckram eyes with my current head. Does it look like I could manage them. I feel like my eyes are a little too low.  If not, would bouncy ball eyes be a good alternative with tear duct vision. I can't really afford to have resin eyes made. Here's some pictures of the head.  Also there is a clay reference below. 

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Some things I've been up to..

Well first off, I have a few furs available for purchase that people have been asking for.. the black fox and beige promo shag!

I'm STILL waiting on the white fox. The supplier is having a hard time receiving in the materials needed to make fur from Japan, so it's really out of anyone's hands. :/

I've also gotten a chance to update with a few things I've finished over the past year. Some included;

Check out their individual pages here; !

Been busy with life otherwise.. it does that. :) My Twitter is probably the best way to follow me, since it's easiest for me to update.

Needing help with follow-me eyes?

I'm trying to find out how to do follow me eyes.
I know you can use a white plastic palette and cut the small bowl dents in them but I'm looking for something more toonish and bigger.
Sort of like >

Also, I'm looking for foam.
Like cheap high density foam.
Don't say wal-mart cause I've been by there and nothing XD