November 27th, 2011

dino sekar

Kangaroo update, still need help!

Alright, so I've worked a bit more with the kangaroo, but it's still terrible if you ask me.

There's no need to comment on the eyes or brows right now, they're hardly even near done.  I know they're terrible and lopsided at the moment, they're just quickly stuck on.

Now, I would like to know about muzzle shape again, and cheeks this time.

I've done a mock up cheek on the right side, as you can see here:
the cheek is just pinned on at the moment.  There is also no lower jaw at all at the moment.

This is the left side, with no cheek at all added it's just a flat shape, just for basic shape comparison:

and here's a front shot:

Basically, any help or redlines that you can give on basic head shape, muzzle, and cheek would be awesome!  They have such a strange head shape, I'm having a really hard time here D:

Bright Eyes?

So for the fursuit head i am working in, i decided to use buckram instead of resin eyes.
However im struggling on how to paint them, I tried copic markers and it wasnt very bright - rather pale.

In the picture i had painted the reverse in a black sharpie and then on the front i had painted it using acrylics.
I really dont like the outcome, its messy and is not very bright and just looks dull.
The only other way of painting them is using an airbrush which i do not have (i cant buy one either)

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many thanks x

Loved, Nostalgic, Thought Of - Flower

Making a trip to Mary Jo's.

I'm going to be stopping by to scope out some velvet. They carry the same 2" fur as Distinctive Fabric, plus some Mongolian, beaver, and feathered furs.

I will be making a shopping trip there this week. If there is a fur you are interested in, please reply before Noon EST on Wednesday with the texture (spikey, beaver, Mongolian, feathered), color, and yardage, and I will see if it's available.