November 28th, 2011

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"Done" But Not Finished

Those of you who attended MFF may have spotted my newest fursuit, which was mostly unfinished, but wearable. (I was still sewing snaps on her feet and ankles 20 minutes before the fursuit parade on Saturday!) I basically considered the con her "test run" for me to figure out what still needed work on the suit. I came back with a bit of a laundry list of alterations that need attention, including a few technical and aesthetic choices that I'd like help with.

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I love fursuiting, and I'm getting better at it, but how do I go about selling the ones I've made :( nobody in my area seems to like furries much :/ I've even tried applying to costuming departments at theater houses but no such luck yet. Any ideas?
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Help: My Hand Paw Has a Bare/Bald Spot Now

I am having an issue right now with my Fursuit Hand Paw for my Victor Redtail Fursuit. The fur is comming of from the backing and I am gonna need to repair it but the question is how do I repair it? I do have white fur scraps to make the repair.

The problems I have been having with mu fursuit hand piecies is that the fur keeps on becoming matted despite myself washing it in cold water with light woolite detergent and brushing it with a slicker brush.

I am upset about this and depresed as Victor is my main character and I love being Victor Redtail.

A picture of the problem can be seen at

Edit: I am not sure about new hand paws (wing tips) as it might look good with my existing red-tailed hawk bodysuit. Eventually and probably soon I do want to have a new red-tailed hawk BodySuit built along with new hand paws (wing tips), new nicer looking Red-tail, and feet. So I really just need some tips to patch the problem until I can find me money and an good reliable artist to build me a new bodysuit/feet/tail/hands.

I hope guys can help and I hope there's a way to prevent this problem in the future.

Storing Clay? + Noses

EDIT: Thank you guys for all the help! <3

How do you guys store Sculpey clay so that it doesn't dry out and crack? :/ I have mine wrapped in foil and out of sunlight right now, but it still dries too quickly and cracks when I bake it. It's Sculpey III if that helps.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for stuff to glaze noses with? Preferably something that doesn't stink and off-gas for days. >.<
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Is this the fur for me?

Before I begin assulting the blog with first-suit-questions, I thought I should introduce myself. HI, I'm Kiwi :D I'm completely new to not only fursuiting, but the furry community in general, and like most newbies, have no idea what I'm doing (okay, that's a little bit of a lie)! I am however, determined to do it >:D

Anyway, regarding the subject:

Its 'Grizzly Craft Fur' from good ol' JoAnn Fabrics. I've asked workers, consulted the review page of the JoAnn site, and scoured the blog to the best of my knowledge, and yet I still am not quite sure if Grizzly will hold up on a fursuit! Some say yay, some say nay, and others don't say much at all >3> I'm getting many mixed signals, ya know?

POINT: Does anyone here have experience with this fur? Is it worth buying for my suit or should I find fur elsewhere?
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Fixing a nose.

I just got this resin base and stupidly enough with this Australian Heatwave right now, the nose/lips are literally soft and melting off. It is Crayola Model Magic. I did not make this base:


My only solution as I do not have an oven/kiln available; seems to be Jo Sonja Modelling Paste. Since I work in the Arts and Crafts industry this was honestly my first idea. But would it work? Anyone else have a better option? I wish I could use Super Sculpey or Fimo clay for this.

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Digitigrade pad insertion

I've been looking for more info on this and I've been coming up short in existing tutorials and the memories, so here we go.

I have a digitigrade bodysuit I've mostly finished. The pads are already made, as well. I need to install pockets for the pads to slip into. Whats the easiest way to do this now that the body is assembled, and at what step should it be done in the future? I don't just want to finish this one up, I want to get a technique going.

There's gotta be easier way of doing digilegs.. Some of the tutorials make sense but its not so easy to do without real time help.


PS, also wonder what material is best for the pockets. I assumed something more breathable than more fur.

Making a fursuit head

Ok, I'm pretty sure many people have asked this question already. I guess I'm going to be asking it again. I'm interested in making my own partial suit, and I'm pretty new to this (not the fandom). I work in a Joann Fabrics store, and from what I heard I have a pretty good advantage since I can get a majority of my stuff from there. I would love to commission someone, but I can't afford the prices. I was wondering if anyone had any good tutorials or advice they could give me as far as where to start. I'm not the talented in the sculpting/crafting area so any help would be wonderful. I'm pretty sure I'll have more questions to come.