December 3rd, 2011

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Help with Fur suggestions

So, I've been reading around and I've decided that I want to use non DF fur for my suit. I am planning on doing all the tiger stripes on my suit airbrushed with india ink and heard that MM fur was decent for that. I was considering using the below link for the white fur for the suit. MM Teddy. Was also wondering if it is difficult to shave and if it hides seams well enough.

I was wondering how that was to work with and shave for it will be the main color for the suit. Also i need a blue shade for the chest also that matches similar length and quality. This color will not be airbrushed. I am looking for a lighter shade of blue. I'm trying to avoid using a deep blue such as royal blue, but if it comes to that I will do so. The picture isn't completely correct, but it gives you an idea. The blue should go down the bottom of the tail also.

Thanks for the help, and sorry for posting annoying fur questions

I found this but I'm not really sure if it is DF or not.
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So, I received some fur from a guy over on FursuitAuctions a couple months ago. He bought it for me from JoAnn's and then sent it to me. The fur REEKS of mildew even though this fur came directly from the store. So it must have been poorly stored there or something.

If any of you have had this problem, how have you dealt with it? Currently the fur is draped over a few chairs outside to get some good air flow. What else can I do to get the smell out?
Kuro do want!

Fursuit Bandanas?

I've been commissioned by some friends to make fursuit sized bandanas for them. So here's my question, do you make a square or just do a half triangle? i.e. make a square and cut it down the middle. Also strait stitch or a zig zag stitch for the edges? I have snaps and all that jazz, I just want to know the best way to make them.
Sorry if my question seems lame lol
EDIT: Thanks everyone for the help! I ended up doing a square, folding it in half then sewing it, turned it inside out then added some functional yet decorative stitching to the edges. I will post the finished product later :3