December 4th, 2011

2nd One Eyed Doe partial WIP update

This /will be/ the second full partial I've made under my One Eyed Doe name :) My 4th ever partial.
There are still a few things Im tweaking in my over all design, however this mask about covers most
of the extras I wanted. Im still waiting for the paw pads and claws to come in so no hand paws or feet just yet, but hoping I will get the supplies and everything made by next week? 

This is the inside of the mask, fit with foam that the buyer can trim themselves for a comfortable fit,
A fan inside the muzzle for ventilation (I have asthma so I know they really make a difference in the right mask)
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Large scars?

Hi guys and gals,
Quick question for you all lol, ive looked in the memorable entrys and cant find anything on making Large scars for a suit, the suit im making is missing an ear and a large scar is in its place do you guys have any idea on how to do this?

I have seen in prevous posts that people have used fleece or trimmed down the fur and painted them on but i was not sure if this would be sutable for large scars?

Thank you in advance for any help!!!

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Short, Minky, and Beaver fur...

So I was asked to order some short fur for a head my friend is working on for herself (it looks like a sort of Hyena?) and I was hoping someone could help with two questions I had about it all.
When it comes to animals with really short fur, do you recommend getting regular long fur and shaving it all down or simply getting short fur (I've seen also called soft fur), minky, or beaver fur? And how does it look on a fursuit head? Would anyone happen to have pictures of one using these short furs?

She has no idea which type of fur is best so we're going to get some samples as well.
Thank you.
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silicone help!

i thought it was just because it wasent mixed properly, but now im serious confused. On random areas of my sculpt the silicone is still coming off on my finger, yet most of the sculpt is the way the rubber should be. I applied the first thin layer at 2:30 today, its now practically 5 and its still like that in random areas. The silicone that came with my brushable kit, Rebound 25, said it had a 10min potlife and a 4 hr cure time, and i could apply a new layer after about 60min according to the directions. I ordered more rebound 25 from the same supplier ( and i noticed on the label it said it had a 20min potlife and a 6hr cure time. My mold wasent fully cured and very thin on some spots even tho i spread it evenly when coating, and after 3 castings it was coming apart and leaving sticky residue on my blanks. I ordered more silicone and got the same stuff, but i figured my mixing was off so i paid extra attention today and painted on a thin layer. Did smooth-on change the formula for that specific silicone or am i not waiting long enough for this newer stuff? The kit said this stuff is the same as what ive ordered. Anyone else have this problem? Should i wait 6hrs between layers instead? i cant afford to have this be another restart, its really starting to bug me.
EDIT: looks like it was a bad batch of silicone, i called dickblick and they are replacing both my orders for no charge! should have effective silicone by the end of the week, if not ill call again. thanks everyone for your input and advice!