December 5th, 2011

new stuff!

Been a while since I shared any new work here, so here are some critters I finished up over the past few months! I'm including some WIP photos where I have them as well, as I know some of you guys like seeing those! :D

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I think that's it for now! Always fun to share finished work here! :D

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Innuk renovation - Bodysuit edition

I'm nearly finished with a bodysuit to update my first suit.  Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is very welcome.  I have some work on the neck and cuffs, and take in a seam on the left shoulder, as you can see in the centre picture.


Since these pictures were taken, the left shoulder panel hs been replaced due to poor alignment.  A new panel was cut and replaced, and has improved the fit on the arms and shoulders. 

The bunching torso material  has been marked, but work needs to be done to smooth out the middle /lower waist.  This should be fairly easy, as there's lots of markings to line up and measure for proper appearance and fit.

Fur and Dances.

Because I plan to make a new partial for myself, I have a few questions.
One of which has been nagging at me for a really long time, and I highly doubt anyone's asked before:

If you have a fursuit/partial with a floor dragging tail do you ever get worried about icky things getting stuck in the fur when you go to a dance/rave? ( Ex. Gum and/or spit. )

Does anyone else get a bit worried? What is the best solution to getting gum out of fur, or would it be a better bet to just take everything off before going onto the dance floor?

~Thanks in advance.

( Sorry if this is in the wrong journal/group. )

P.s. The dances I'm refering too are anime/convention dances. Sorry for the confusion!
Also, the most concern I have is for faux fur and gross ickey things that conventions/people seem to have all over the ground. ( sometimes! )

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Zipper Placement


Let's pretend that reaching the zipper on your back isn't an issue. Like you always have someone to zip you up. With that being said, would you consider it easier to get in and out of a bodysuit with the zipper in the front or in the back?

Foam-work critique?

Sorry about all of the posts! X____X I've been so into working on my fursuit, and so excited that I just wanted to know if I was going in the right direction.

Pictures here: (front view) (side view)
(Sorry about the shitty quality; my webcam sucks, and my camera died on me, it's charging. :<)

I also had a question; is it okay for a 12 year old to be a furry? I've been to several conventions (Furfright was the latest), and after making some new friends, they said it was cool, especially since I make fursuit heads at such a young age and in such quality for some one like me.
Please don't be hating on me, either, I just want to make new friends, and see if anybody else really thinks I should. c:
(And no, I don't go around "tarnishing" the Furry Group by wearing a tail in public, or a shirt that says "I'M A FURRY". I know people who do because when they asked me why I draw animals, I replied, "Well, I'm an animorphic, or a 'Furry'," and then did my best to not make it seem like all we do for a living is have sex with bears or whatever. X3;; My parents are cool with this, too.)
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Using fleece instead of faux fur?? which is better for this? or any material?

ok so iv'e been looking around for some fabric to make this cosplay.

but i noticed that the fabric stores DONOT sell the faux fur in the color ( light beige creme in the picture below this) that i want and the only ones that sell them are online and expensive but i have noticed that they have them in fleece. now im wondering what other material could i use to make this instead of using faux fur? and do you think it will still look decent or give the same affect as it would for faux fur?

the actual character ( seen below);sa=item;in=678

doesn't look like it has like fur fur but pinata traits on the tail and neck and stuff.

Updated Equine sculpt

EDIT: I just added new updated photos. 12/6/2011
Thanks again to everyone who gave me advice and references. Sorry I couldn't get back to everyone (Work has got me working like crazy), but thank you sooo much. Here is my updated Equine sculpt; I'm going for just a generic look and would like some red lines/ critique.Collapse )