December 7th, 2011


The Best Places To Get Certain Colors Of Fur

I am currently looking into Comissioning a new Red-Tailed Hawk Bodysuit, Tail, Feet, and Hand Pieces. I am afraid of having the fur fall apart like on my existing bodysuit so I may have to order the fur myself or have the Artist order the fur from certain places.

I am also Wondering How Many yards of Fur I would need to order if I decide to order it myself. I have heard that 6 Yards of Fur is needed for a Normal Fursuit but I am thinking I need a Few Extra Yards for mine since I have wings and a bigger tail. Pictures of my Existing Fursuit can be seen here: and the side can be seen here: and the concept art at: I am thinking I need to add 2-4 extra Yards of Fur for the Wings and maybe an Extra Yard for the Tail. I know that Has been well known to carry great fur but I am wondering if there's better sites or selections that would be highly recomended to me. The Pile Lenght through out most of my Fursuit is around 3/4 of an inch to and inch and very short on the yellow part of the legslegs.

Here are the Colors I need.

Dark Brown: I estimate 2-4 Yards depending on how much Extra I need for the Wings
White/or Cream White: I Estimate 4-6 Yards Depending on How Much Extra is needed for my Wings This color is used throughout most of my Fursuit Body and Bottom side of my tail.
Rust Red: I estimate that I would need 1-2 Yards of it depending on how much my tail needs.
Yellow: I feel safe with 2 yards only needed here.
Black: Same Pile as the WHite and Red Sections as it would be used on my tail. .5 Yard Needed.

The Pile Length For the Brown and the White need to be excact or very close to it for matching.

I do want to have Extra Fur for making replacement parts down the road with my fursuit mainly my hand pieces. So if you guys can help on which furs I should get that is high quality and wont clump up real quick please tell me.

Going to do a sculpt-mold-cast tutorial, whatcha wanna see?

I'm about to do another sculpt for a housecat imminently, and since this is a semi-common species I'm planning to do a bare mannequin to cast blank (maybe hinges and eyes/jawset installed) tutorial. The problem I have sometimes is knowing what pictures of what steps would be the most beneficial to people.

SO, THIS IS WHERE Y'ALL COME IN! What parts of the process would photos help you understand the most? I'm planning one page worth of tutorial for the sculpt, one for the silicone mold, one for the mother mold, one for the resin cast, possibly one for the dremel cuts and hinging, possibly one for installing eyes, and possibly one for installing jawset. That leaves 6-8 photos for each page, though I may break some of those into 2 pages if I feel it's prudent. I'll fill in anything not suggested, of course, but let me know what's most vital, and I'll be sure to get as many pictures as possible to ensure at least one good, usable, clear shot ^^

Kangaroos, anatomy lesson and suit potential

Just thought it might be nice to do a post on kangaroos - they're a very popular choice for characters and suits, though very few people seem to know how they work anatomically! Not to say I'm the expert or anything, I just happen to be Aussie, have a lot of access to them, spent a lot of time drawing them in animal parks and have a friend who's absolutely obsessed with their anatomy and won't let me draw his character unless it's a proper roo!

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So - hope that helps get a few thought processes rolling on the kangaroo front! May even help someone some day, who knows :)