December 14th, 2011

  • innuk

con/crit time again,,, innuk head

I am grateful for the help on the bodysuit, now I thought i'd post the progress on his head.  This had been a crazy learning curve, but here's my first Balaclava (self made) and start of a balaclava head.  

It's a huge change from my last head.

Here's the updated pictures...
foam added to cheeks

Added more cheek, and pinned on the eyes and nose for effect. 

Semi-useful random information

I made a really curly husky tail for a friend and then got a request for a second one from someone else, but I didn't take a permanent pattern for it before I sewed it up. Instead of having to make another pattern from scratch,  I wrapped the tail up in plastic wrap and taped over it :)
Will Be default later

Small heads

What's the best way to approach making a head that's as close to your own head size as possible? I'm asking because I plan on cosplaying a character who wears clothes so I won't have fur to 'bulk up' the rest of my frame.

Right now I use all foam.

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I made a Nose!

So i made a nose for my new fursuit. which by the way is my second fursuit.
This is the first ever time i've made a polymer clay nose and the first time i've ever used polymer clay
so i am quite proud of my attempt.
I do by the way intend to varnish it, to make it shiny, but i need to borrow my dads varnish which i will do probably tomorrow.
i apologise also for the rubbish webcam picture as my camera is BROKEN ARGHH!
b u t anyways...

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Copic airbrush questions

Hey guys! So, I've asked for a Copic Airbrush Kit (Set 2) for Christmas, and in case I get it, I want to hear about your experiences and recommendations for, of course, using it on fur and fleece. I took a quick glance over the Memories, but didn't really see any detailed reviews; if I missed something, please link me.

My main concern is with its permanency on faux fur. Nearly all of the sites I looked at that talked about using copics on fabric recommended heat-setting, but said that it wasn't absolutely necessary. I wonder, since heat setting isn't really an option on fur (I suppose I could gently hit it with a hair dryer on warm, but I don't know that that would do much good), is there a risk of the copic ink bleeding or smudging, even after it dries? Will being airbrushed cause the ink to have less cohesion to the fibers than being applied with the marker tip (would I be better off just coloring on the fur rather than using the airbrush)? What if it comes in contact with water, either from washing or from just, like, wearing your ears in the rain?

Other questions: How vibrant are the colors on different colors and values of fur and fleece (I'm working mostly with furs and fleeces in medium blues, light greys, whites, pale yellows, and burnt orange, and I've asked for markers in black and dark greys, browns, and blues - so dark markers on light to medium fabrics)? Do the colors fade over time, and how long do they typically last? How does the color adhere to and show up on different types and textures of fur? How long, in terms of number of suit parts given a moderate amount of markings, does a can of air and a single marker typically last?

Thanks for all your help. ^^
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Looking for Fur

Hey guys, I'm needing 2 yards of CR's Brown Heather fur. unfortunately the supplier is out of stock and it won't come in until February. Does anyone have any of this fur laying around? I'm willing to pay the same price plus shipping on it.

If no one has it, does anyone know of a good substitute? 



How to make a girl look like a dude

Hey guys,
I recently commissioned a partial suit from a maker with the idea that I would make the body suit for it later. Since I always have female suits I thought it be fun to play a differnt kind of character and have one male suit. The only problem is that I am well endowned in the chest area and I am wondering how I might make a body suit that makes me look more male like. I know someone eles asked this a few years ago but I can not seem to find that post. Are there any suggestions on how to make female curves look less... curvey? Is there a way to add padding or something or would that just make the suit look fat...

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And now.. Time for some hard questions!
I have checked out the memories, and I didnt see anything about this in them.
I'm a transgender woman - (born female, dress/ identify male) but every once in awhile I like to enjoy my female attributes, which are far from flat ^ -^.
Now, my question is, is there a way to make a suit that can be EITHER flat chested and busty?  Switching from male to female as I see fit that day without the sagging fur?