December 17th, 2011


Planning a trip to LA fashion district, any tips?

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Hey guys, I've got an opportunity in the coming months (not sure on date, it depends on a settlement) to hit the LA fashion district with a half-empty U-haul truck! I have to have a good itinerary set up first though, because it will be a stop on a cross-country move, so I won't have a huge window of time to explore and get pleasantly lost. So, for those who have been or done the research already, what are good places to hit for fur? I'll probably pick up some stuff for resale too, so DF-typed furs and realistic are what I'm aiming for. Addresses or websites would be best, so I can make myself a map, but I don't mind tips. I can do the Google too ^^ I'll be making another post closer to the time I go (looking like March, if the judge doesn't dally) for requested furs.

Thanks in advance for the tips, guys!

Is it possible that you can make sock paws and hands out of fleece?

because the costume im thinking about making may have to be made out of fleece since the faux fur color im looking for is hard to find and expensive and they hardly carry it in the U.S ( light beige creme). And i could find that same color in fleece everywhere and for cheaper! would it look decent if i made sock paws and hand paws out of fleece? or would it just be better in fur?