December 24th, 2011

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Lately I have been working on a new design for my fursuit, Innuk. A new colouring, markings, different head construction, and more input from experienced builders for a wider perspective.

I do look for constructive criticism. I only ask that the comments be respectable, and that you read what has been mentioned about the work done, and the comments preceding yours.

Here goes.

Original problems:
Bodysuit had bunching. Comments regarding tacking and removing excess were followed, and successful. There were symmetry issues on the bodysuit also. This too has been corrected. Holes for tail elastics have been cut, and tail successfully installed.

The Head had several problems. The original build was too thin, cheeks too hollow, nose too low, ears to small, and at looking at the picture, the chin looked too big. Corrections based on comments so far, the cheeks filled out with poly-fill to give a smooth appearance. Nose left as is. (I kind of like it like that.) The chin was a good size, but the excess fabric, and excess foam inside the upper muzzle, forced the mouth to stay open, giving the appearance of a 6"chin. Foam inside the upper mouth was carved out and excess fabric on the lower mouth was removed and glued down. I am happy with the results.

Some corrections I made on my own, and I think they cumulatively made an improvement, were pulling the nose bridge in to give a more canine appearance, as opposed to a tapered rodent face. The cheeks looked way too poofy, giving a chipmunk appearance. I pulled the fabric off the foam, adjusted the poly-fill, and pulled the cheeks tighter before gluing it down to the foam. The fur around the sides of the upper muzzle, needed to be adjusted to get rid of some poofiness. The eyes moved closer in due to the change in shape of the nose bridge. The cheeks will be pulled in slightly more as a zipper still needs to be installed on the back. Neck fur still has to be installed.

The ears have not been changed yet, but they will be replaced when time permits. I expect them to be at least twice as big as they are, and hopefully, they'll look good as floppy.

I still have not made hand-paws, teeth, or inside mouth features. These will likely be made after new years.

I finished the above work on Innuk today, and tried it on for a fitting, and was so happy with it, I just had to show off by the Christmas tree.

Merry HanuChristmaKwanzaFestivus winter solstice Yule festival all, and Thank you so much for your very helpful comments.
Good luck in the new year, and may good fortune smile on you all.

Appearance of Ice?

This may be a really strange question, but one I have been pondering on for a VERY long time. How or what material would be best to replicate ice? I was looking at tackling a few projects, however, they involved the creature being covered or partially covered in ice. At first I thought of resin, but that seemed impractical and very expensive. Next idea was gladwrap or clingwrap, as someone suggested to me, but that's rather... Very easily broken.
Now my next idea is very shiny light blue fur, since a lot of the icey characters I have seen have a blue tint to them. It is cheap, not going to be any different to work with than other furs, and -should- give the result I need.
I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone has ever wondered this, or even if someone has a suggestion for what might work better?

Thanks very much! :)

Ps. Merry Christmas everyone!