December 25th, 2011


Website Fur Comparisons?

I've seen a few comparisons, but not exactly what I'm lookin for.

I've found a few sites and was wondering about recommendations between them.
The sites are: Distinctive Fabrics; Fabric Depot; Sy Fabrics; CR Crafts; Fabric Empire
You're welcome to add to the collective

I've read that some of them use the same fabric, but they have different listing names for a lot of different furs so I am a bit confused when trying to decide on fur and comparing prices when I also don't know how the softness compares in each one. I mean, CR has at least 5 different furs that SEEM good from their small previews, but I honestly don't know how teddy bear vs cubby bear vs seal vs short pile compare other than length.

My main goal is tails (and maybe ears at some point), and I had been buying from Distinctive Fabrics which has been great so far, but I wanted to see what my other options are if there is a better and/or cheaper choice.

I suppose in general I need furs that are soft and can hold in airbrush designs and won't shed a handful (I understand some shedding can't always be helped). I need both long (for fluffier tails like foxes) and short furs (for shorter haired animals like tigers)

I'm getting swatches from DF, SY, & FE eventually since they had free shipping, but no luck with CR or FD, so any info on their furs would be grateful as well. What are your experiences with furs from these sites? Quality vs price (I'd prefer not to spend over $25/yd)? Which furs from the sites are literally the same product (exact names of fur or links are helpful since they all have multiple fur types)?

I apologize if this has been brought up before as I did not see it, but I don't doubt if I skipped over it on accident.

also yes I do see in the community profile that says the shag from some of the sites are the same as DF, but that's just the longer fur. from what I can tell from the pics.

Airbrushing DF fur

First off, merry Christmas everyone!

I got a nice beginners siphon feed, dual-action airbrush kit for Christmas and I'm gonna start experimenting on it over the next few days. However, I'm a toony maker and after doing some research in the memories I've found that DF fur, which is what I usually use, doesn't hold the paint very well. I'd primarily be using the airbrush for small parts on the shaved down fur on the head, since this would be a different texture to the longer fur, does this hold the paint better? Or will it fade the same as if it was used on the non-shaved down parts?

Any advice would be really appreciated :) Thanks!