December 27th, 2011

fire icon-aido

Critique Please.

I finally finished the sculpt for a resin mask that I'm redoing. The first one I made with the wrong brand of resin and is horrible looking. So here's version 2

It's an undead dragon so about the only thing this will get is a good paint job once it's cast in resin. The teeth are a jawset that I used as a holder while sculpting and will go into the final cast. The black things in the eyes are a set of old sunglasses lenses but I've got a different set that will go in the finished one. I also plan on detatching the horns and molding them separate.

Possible New Suit Style

Okay, I was never terribly good with words, but here's hoping I can get my meaning across...

I'm currently in the process of designing my first fursuit, with the intention of finishing it for Rainfurrest 2012; toward that end, I've been carefully looking through the memories, and bookmarking anything that looked relevant to this particular endeavor. And while I was thinking on whether I should have a partial or a fullsuit, something occurred to me: Why not both?

Now, anyone who really knows me can tell you that once an idea enters my mind, it doesn't leave until I've analyzed every theoretical possibility, and having the idea in my head to make a partial AND a full suit of the same character, has given rise to a concept I'm tentatively dubbing the "fall-apart" style of suit. What it boils down to is that large sections of the bodysuit will be held together by camouflaged snaps or zippers, rather than all sewn together into one piece.

The intent behind this is twofold: First, the bodysuit could be easily modified into any variation of a partial. And second, it will far easier to remove the suit quickly on my own, should the need arise to do so.

So, my question is: Has this been attempted before? And if so, how well did it turn out?

Thankees in advance;

EDIT: Sorry; I know that most fursuits have hands and feet and tails separate from the bodysuit; I had hoped I'd made that clear when I spoke of my research. What I am considering is that perhaps I could take that further by separating the arms and legs from the torso.

Also: While this is my first fursuit, it is not my first sewing project. I'm not going in completely blind, and I'm not afraid to screw up if I can learn from my mistakes. I simply wished to know if it had been done before, that I might learn more quickly what works and what doesn't.

EDIT #2: My mother is a hobby seamstress, who used to do alterations professionally. If this endeavor falls short of my expectations, as many of you seem to believe it will, I can still ask for her help in fixing the thing as deemed necessary.

A Digimon Fursuit in the Making (Some Ideas)

Well it's past Christmas and now onward to the New Year. I'd figure I might as well come up with another fursuit for the convention since my Sky Forme! Shaymin fursuit from Pokemon is starting to need some well deserved repairs.

Anyways, I'm planning on doing Dorumon from Digimon X-Evolution the movie (never released in the USA). However, my problem seems to be getting the right color purple faux fur. Would I need to dye some white faux fur to get this color or is there some website with really good quality furs out there that I can order from?

Here's a picture of this Digimon below.

I was thinking of doing all foam for the head, but I'm not sure what to use for the crest on his head. Any ideas?

Hugs and Paws,

SL :: Oct 2016

Oster Clipper Sale!

(Mod folks: If you want me to move this, I can. Wasn't sure if it'd be better here or over on the auctions.)

I know a lot of folks have been asking about clippers, and when folks like myself link you to where you can get them the price can be just... D: (I do it every time I look too.)

Well, I just saw this on the PetEdge Facebook page. I you want to get an EXCELLENT set of A5 clippers for less than $90 (US, not including shipping), you have the chance!

They're having a sale on the Oster A5 clippers.

My -personal opinion- is to go for Andis or Wahl clippers, as they're lighter, but Oster's clippers are meant to take abuse for years, and no dog fur is going to be as hard on a clipper as faux fur will be. And this cannot be beat. Even if you need a replacement, and can do it, take the offer!

All but one of these of these comes with a #10 blade, which is about 1/8th if you clip with the grain of the fur. Other lengths of blades can be purchased either through PetEdge, a couple other similar mail order companies, or from Petsmart or something like a Sally Beauty Supply. These blades are easily interchanged.

(Don't get the one with the #50! That's a surgical length blade. It will leave no fur, if it can cut the fur at all. Bigger numbers = shorter blade length.)