December 28th, 2011

  • alt69

First head WIP Crits?

 So this is...not anywhere near done, but this is my first time doing anything suitwise, so I figured why not go ahead and get some crits and suggestions on it?
I already have a list of things i'm still working on and fixing, and I haven't done the bottom jaw yet at all (going to be a static jaw) and I'm working on a DTD of my own head, but these are photos off of it

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Beetle Giggle

Some ideas for a big chicken costume...

I'd like to cosplay a Kokatorimon ( but I don't want to make a huge suit out of it due to lack of space to make and even keep the costume and materials.

I am, however, wanting to make the head, as I've made another bird head before for Halloween.

So I can't really do a Gijinka style so I need help with what to do with the body;

Do I make something 'somewhat' chicken-y like a large modified jumper? Do I wear clothing for him like a KFC worker ( in which case; where would I get the uniform?). Do I do what I see a lot of the hip kids doing and just wearing jeans and a shirt with the wings, tail and feet?

I'm cool to make the feet, wings/arms, head and tail; just not a body suit.

Also; a tail like that; whats the best thing too do? Large fake feathers or a sheet of foam, shaped and covered over, attached at the butt and lower back?

a differn't kind of head

I think i do not have the ablity and tools to make a true furry head.

so, do you have tip for me, on how to do something more of a mask, a semi head. I suppose something like a spirit mask, but without the useing it for rite and ritual.

I would like some design tips on how to blend of folk art looks. mixing cultural design of Mexican pottery with "Totem pole" looks(to be political incorrect, "Eskimo" style. I know, what people just call "Eskimo" could be misused for 7 )

it's phenotype should be of a coyote.

I do not desire it 100% fake fur. but I do not know what to make it from, considering I want water resistance and sturdiness along with light weight.

I would like it to cover my face, but still see, but make it so I can wear it in various forms of unmasking.(from a helmet to it covering my full face.

getting the idea out in sketch, in words or just in a clear idea is hard. I might be asking for something impossible.

I can not work in rubbers and plastics, unless the plastics could be re-purposed soda bottles with something else put on it.

something that is worn like a hat, and looks like the costume part, but I can pull it down on my face, and it's a mask. and inbetween.

maybe having a hinged jaw is possible?
where would I put eye holes?