December 30th, 2011

  • remansi

First Post and Critique Wanted!

Hi all! Been a long time lurker and first time poster. I'd like to get some critique on a resin mask sculpt I'm making, since I'll be using this multiple times and want to make sure it's as accurate as possible. Having made resin masquerade masks and a few foam fursuit masks before, I'd like to try them together. I'm going for a generic fox base and have so far been using red foxes for reference. And yes, I know that the muzzle is super crooked now, after looking back through the photos. Any crits, comments, and redlines are appreciated!

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  • tofa4

smooth on 325 issues?

I just recently ordered smoothons smooth cast 325 resin and poured some into my resin mold. I noticed it is a little different than cast 300. Is it supposed to take longer to cure than 300? Right now inside the mold it *seems* like it is dry, like it isnt runny or sticky but it is definately flimsy. When I press a finger into it it isn't hard but none of the liquid sticks to my finger either. Also is its Color supposed to stay clear or dry white like 300? Which do you guys prefer to use 300 or 325? (Btw this is a resin head cast of a wolf.) Did I just not mix this stuff right or is it no good to use?
thanks for any help an input on this. Ive used 300 everytime before and wanted to try 325 thinking it might be better. I may be wrong though, thanks guys! :)