March 23rd, 2015

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Making fursuit-heads with a 3d-printer - a short tutorial about 3d-printing

Originally posted by tioh at Making fursuit-heads with a 3d-printer - a short tutorial about 3d-printing

I'm making 3d-models for fursuits and hand puppets for about a year now and I print them on my FlashForge Creator 3D-printer. I have made 3d-models for head-bases, claws, noses, eyelids, footpads and teeth. I've tried several materials and settings to get the best printing results. It was a long learning-process. It's time to share my experiences.

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fursuit clippers

So I've been asking around (mainly looking at heads that look how I'd like mine to look as far as shaving is concerned) and inquiring about the tools used. This model was recommended to me by one of the people that I asked --

Until recently I've been using clippers in the $30-50 range which -seems- average. I was really hoping to spend at MOST $100. However, I feel like with proper care and maintaining this will be a tool that will be an investment and should need to be replaced anytime soon. So. My question is -- does this seem like a good set of clippers to be buying? Is this overkill? I'm wondering if perhaps there is a cheaper model/type that is just as good? I'm trying to do more research this time around because I want to be SURE I get clippers I'm going to like this time. The other two I've owned have not had detachable blades and only guards, which, I'm under the impression is not the best option to have.

ALSO. I've noticed a good number of people say they trim their fur /before/ putting it on their heads. That seems weird to me. What do you guys do? Personally I prefer trimming it after it's all sewn and glued on. Question is -- am I making things harder on myself doing it that way? I'm open for other recommendations as far as clippers go -- I just want to buy something that's going to do a good job and last me for a while.

I'd really like feedback on this!
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Looking for white seal fur

Sorry if this question is a bit too basic, I've never actually ordered seal fur online so I'd figured I ask. qoq

Does anyone know where I can buy white seal fur that matches the white-ness of Luxury shag/Df's white? I'm afraid of ordering something that may be too ivory and am too packed for time to order a swatch. Thanks in advance!