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Tape pattern for furring

I found some great step-by-step construction photos from when I made one of my masks, I thought I'd share in the form of a mini-tutorial!

It covers using tape to make a pattern, cutting fur, trimming off excess, and gluing the fur down.

Tape Tape
1. Any kind of tape will do. This is cheap packing tape.
Beginning of tape pattern Beginning of tape pattern
2. Begin wrapping your foamwork in the tape, covering all pieces you want to be covered in fur for your pattern.
Taped mask Taped mask
3. This mask is finished being taped up.
Taped mask Taped mask
4-a. Using a perminant marker, mark out where your eyes, markings and seams will go.
Taped mask Taped mask
4-b. Plan out which direction the fur will be running on your mask using arrows.
Taped mask Taped mask
4-c. Typically the fur runs away from the nose, towards the tips of the ears, and down the back of the neck.
Pattern pieces Pattern pieces
5. Carefully cut out the pieces of your mask (I used a razor blade and cut where I felt seams wouldn't look too bad.)
Drawing the pattern Drawing the pattern
6. Stick your tape-pattern on the apropriate color of fur, paying attention to the direction you want the fur to go. I tried to make my pattern symmetrical, and gave it a margin so I had a little extra fur to work with and trim down once I began applying it to my mask.
Cutting the fur Cutting the fur
7-a. Using a razor blade is the easiest, it gives a clean cut with little shedding.
Cutting the fur Cutting the fur
7-b. The fur is easy to cut with a sharp razor blade. I like to use the snap-off disposable kind so the blade is easy to keep sharp.
Trimming the pieces to fit Trimming the pieces to fit
8-a. Any piece that overlaps you can trim to fit, match up the two segments and then cut the leftover off with your razor blade. You'll often have to do this with rounded or curved parts.
Trimmed to fit. Trimmed to fit.
8-b. This piece is now trimmed to fit. Its time to glue it (or sew it if you prefer) now.
Gluing Gluing
9. Run a bead of hot glue in a zig-zag pattern on the foam underneath. Then a tiny bead along the edge, like so.
Gluing Gluing
10. Once glued, pinch the two pieces together and press into the foam for firm adhesion. Wait until the hot glue is cool enough. You can also pin the pieces in place while it dries. Brush or comb over the fur to check and make sure its fully glued and looks nice.


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