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I read Tonyringtail's latest entry, because I have him on my friend's list.

I felt pretty sympathetic towards him because of the rather arbitrary ban he got hit with on IRC and wanted to cheer him up a bit if I could.


I found as I wrote up a rather longish reply and tried to post it, that his LJ is friends only- and he's never listed me as a friend.
So I couldn't post the reply.

Tony, if yuo're checking the fursuit LJ, I do hope you're feelign better, and I hope you decide to go to MFM again.

I enjoyed clowning around with you at last year's Memphit, and I am planning to attend again this year.
(Provided I can even afford to get my tickets- I found out that this year's con is much earlier in the month than I thought it was, and I won't have cash for my tickets until the middle of july now.)

I may or may not have my red panda done by then- I finally got my basic pattern figured out, but decided I have to start over again on the head...


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