beastcub (beastcub) wrote in fursuit,

hard judgement call....

okay i know the copyright issue and i plan to never directly copy a character, i may smidge a bit in that if the chracter is enough like a generic animal i will make them the basic suit that they can convert (like a gray wolf that they can then put the scar on the chest to make it Tsume from wolves rain, or a simple black cat with a big head and big eyes they can claim to be kuro neko from trigun, Jiji from kiki's delivery service or they can stick a moon on its forehead and call it luna from sailor moon) but i will never take on anything distinct like wolf link, totoro, pikachu ect or copy a direct animation style (the difference between a toony or realistic lion fursuit and a mufasa/simba/nala fursuit is the style)

but what about "inspired by" characters???

for instance is a wolf with body markings/colors and hair styled after sonic the hedgehog beyond the copyright enough to take on as a commission? it would also lack the trademark gloves and boots (will have paws instead) and does not have the huge head or the styled eyes and well its a tottally different species and would be done as a realistic looking costume and not at all like the animation's style....
the only thing to tie them together would be the placement of the colors on the body  and the spiked hair.

would ditching the spiked hair alltogether make it okay? cause then its just a blue and tan wolf

....i dunno seems okay to me its inspired by the character and not a copy....

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