Rollie Bear (rolliebear) wrote in fursuit,
Rollie Bear

OK, So I have decided that I will be attending Feral 04. After talking with Potoroo about my idea (more to follow) Im excited about going this year. My problem... I need help to pull this idea off.

My idea is simple. Build a fursuit over the three days of feral. I was unsure of what to do with the fursuit once complete, then Mirko suggested donating the completed product to the charity auction at FC. (In Feral's name)

I can only do so much work by myself. The body suit, handpaws and footpaws would be fairly straightforward.
The head on the other paw... this is where I need help. I need to assemble a team of talented folks to help wherever they feel comfortable, especially with the construction of the head.

Questions? Comments? Dope slaps?

*Hugs* Bear.


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