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finally i have somthing new to post

i have not posted anything new for a while.....i was in a working slump due the ammount of stressfull things going, and we were forced to reduce the size of my workroom (too big to be a "shed" and we could not afford permits...) so for 3 weeks i hardly did a thing as i had no real place to work.
working on commissions is what kept me sane, when working on them i easily slip into my happy place and i can forget all this crap.

anyway! enough about that time for the pictures of what i finially finished

Blaze dragon....a fursuit with lots of cleavage ...

Please NOTE: I was very shy about making this costume, I am rather modest person and this is my first boobsuit ....and the boobs are quite big which makes me bashfull...I am shy about posting be nice...

 ..i tried to make them as natural as possible and have the "tear drop" shaped not beach balls...and i think they are "big" but not drastically big as the body size compliments them...

this costume has LOTS of seams in it!  i kept making tucks to get out the wrinkles. despite trimming the seams short they still made ridges so then i had to carfully trim the ridges down and its a tad choppy looking >,<
 then i ended up half a yard short on the red and sewed together my scraps as there was no way i was waitinga week+ for more

the model here is rather skinny compared to the commissioner so its all baggy.
i know i need to narrow the yellow on the neck flap ... But do the boobies look okay? in person they seem a bit off... but ya have to admit ladies, hardly any girl has a perfect set (i don't....TMI....)
i put in some padding for the kneecap and calf as i did not want the legs to look like pants


the tail like to swing to one side BUT i don't see that as a fault really as i think its more natural that way

here is the fursuit VS the ref images given to me to make this costume

 this is AS FAR AS I GO when it comes to more mature content, no suit from me will have nibbies or "lower deatils".

a few more pics in my site gallery

and lastly, lol, i cannot help but imagine this costume in an "adults only" Barny movie XD

EDIT: i added this picture to show its proper fit while on the duct tape dummy as the model's body type is WAY different than the the owner's and the full body photos are very lose and baggy and the costume's figure is not filled right

Tags: body, changing body shape, femme suits
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