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Setting up a Fursuit Workshop

(Hopefully the right community, couldn't decide if this belonged here or in fursuitlounge!)

I'm moving out of my parents' home soon, working on finding a town house. The one that I'm looking at for the moment has a basement with 2 rooms and a full bath. To me, that screams "workshop area." No matter where I end up, I definitely want to devote at least one room to a sewing and craft workshop. So far all I have to take with me furniture-wise for this project is my desk.

What are essentials I should consider to set up a fantastic fursuit workshop in my new house?

I'm mostly interested in furniture, tools, and storage solutions for materials. Those of you with workshops set aside already, how's it set up? Those without one, what would be in your dream workshop? What things can you absolutely not live without? What should I avoid like the plague? Creative solutions?

Thanks everyone!

(Don't mind me setting everything up in tables... I like tables...)

Table/Desk Space
Older or less "nice" is preferable. A table you won't mind getting dinged up or messed up if it happens. My desk is a flat, wood door from Home Depot (the kind without the pre-drilled doorknob hole) laid over 2 small metal file cabinets (the kind that are 2 drawers high). Basic, large, and easily replaced if something goes wrong.
Floor Space
At least 60" wide to lay out fabric. Tile, wood, or flat carpet preferable to deep or plush carpets for ease of cleaning and laying things out.
Plastic Sheets
Tarps for laying over things for airbrush/painting work, or thick plastic mats used under rolling chairs to protect the carpet from glue blobs.
Preferably cushy to keep a happy tushie.

STRONG shelves, about 3 feet deep. Suggested heavy-duty shelving units or getting lumber and building your own. Use to store rolls of fur and for large plastic bins.
Plastic Bins
Big ones to store foam, fleece and fur pieces too small to roll up nicely. Smaller ones for smaller scraps or other bits of materials like elastic, ribbon, cord, tubing, etc. Basically these are insanely valuable and stack nicely on the aforementioned deep, strong shelves.
Plastic drawers are available easily from Wal-Mart and stack nicely. Use for smaller tools like scissors, glue, tape and sculpey/fimo. (Protip: Always store sculpey in ziplock baggies, NEVER leave uncured sculpey to sit directly on plastic drawer bottoms, wood tabletops, etc. It will absorb into it and dry out the clay/ruin the surface.)
Sewing Caddy
Little box or basket to hold the basic sewing supplies. Nicer to have a box for this instead of a drawer so you always have the pins and thread within reach.
Stuffed Animal Hammock
The kind you hand up in the corner of kid's rooms. Good for storing finished fursuit parts like heads and stuffed tails.
Clothing Racks
Boards with nails in them or coat racks. Hang up tails, heads, even bodysuits on some of the larger ones if they'll allow it. Also consider hanging long poles from the ceiling to drape bodysuits over, or hanging bodysuits in a closet either on hangers or draped over the pole.

Sewing Machine
Most obvious. Set aside a small table to set it up permanently if possible, check out the memories here on the fursuit LJ for information about different brands and what to use for fur.
Pin Board
To pin up reference materials easily.
Vacuum Cleaner
A small shop vac, to clean up messes without having to haul your normal vacuum cleaner out of the hall closet upstairs.
Paper Towels
Having them on-hand would be very handy in case of spills.
Cutting Mat
Old magazines shred quickly when used as a cutting mat, a nice reusable one sounds good.
One of the tools I need to remember to keep in my new workshop. I keep magnets around in case I knock over the box of pins, drop my needle and can't find it, etc. Run it over the carpet and pick up all the little metal pointy things without risking your fingers.
Alarm Clock
Lose track of time SO fast working on projects...set it for when you're supposed to stop working to get ready for bed, for work, for school, for your wedding, etc.

Trash Can
I'm going to try for one of the larger, kitchen-sized ones. Keep a roll/box of trash bags at the bottom of the can (outside of the bag itself, of course) so you'll never lose them.
Power Strip
Because I'm tired of ducking under my desk to get to the outlet just for my hot glue gun. Hook it up, set it up on top of a desk for easy access.

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