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I'm making a hood with ears to go with my Matrices bodysuit, since I think hoods with ears are absolutely the most adorable thing ever. And I decided I definitely wanted to put in a liner.. and I have enough of the black velvet and black satin to be adequate for a liner for the inside of my hood. What do you think is better though?

The satin seems like it could potentially be cooler, but slides around on my head since its smooth material, it also makes a little bit of noise rubbing against my hair.
The velvet is fuzzy, so grips better to my hair (and messes it up a bit when I take it off), so if I was really active, it wouldnt slide off, though it seems potentially hotter.
Both are very soft in their own way. :3

I'm perfectly fine with either choice, whichever one it is that "wins" ...but I'm just having trouble deciding on my own. Any comments would also be nice, if you have some other suggestions. :3

Update: I took down the poll, and decided to use velvet. Thanks guys!

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