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Nose repair work.

Thank you to everyone who commented about the rug! I'm really happy about the reaction it's gotten.

This operation was very successful (fixed his muzzle as well, not pictured). I was repairing a friend's head, and among those to work on was the nose. The original nose was I think latex coated. The over all shape itself was fine, but the texture needed to be smoothed out and was not presentable. I kept referring to coating it as "spackling" it in order to fix it.

I used the following tools and materials:
*Spray Plasti-dip
*Prang DAS Air Hardening Modeling Clay (white)
*Powder-free Latex Glove (applying / smoothing out)
*Scissors (used in place of sandpaper)
*Plastic bag
*Duct tape

Packaging photos of the Plasti dip spray and clay.

I applied small amounts of clay starting with the right side where the majority of the uneven surface was. I used a latex glove to smooth it out. I continued to apply it until the entire nose was recoated with a thin layer of clay. I left it to dry over night.

I masked the nose with duct tape around the base, followed by taping a plastic bag over the head to form a seal.

Normally I would use a low grit sand paper for smoothing it out. I ended up using the blunt and blade sides of a pair of scissors to carefully and gently scrape away and smooth out the surface. the markings needed to get recarved back into the nose.

The final step was to spray and seal the nose. I made four even coats a half hour apart, and a half hour to dry / gas out.

The making was removed once the spray had dried. I made small cuts around the spray to prevent it from pulling off the nose when the tape was being removed.

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