Foxfeather (foxfeather) wrote in fursuit,

Super tails

Hi again all! I am working on a fully feathered raven mask, I hope to have it done sometime in the next few weeks. I will get pictures of it up then. :)

For now I will spam you with these; I have a few really great tails for sale. I can dye feathers myself and can get pretty much any color. I also have access to many feather types, including some amazing grouse and pheasant feather tails up to 8 inches in diameter. I can also cut great 'wolf tail' lengths of a foot or two. I will be toting some of these to MFF 2004 with me this year. I also have some nice (and relatively inexspensive) feather wings in different sizes. Email me if you are interested in any of this, eventually I will get them up for sale on my site.

Thanks for looking!

-Foxfeather R. Wold
Foxloft Studios

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