LouveGarou (louveg) wrote in fursuit,

Correcting creases : before or after cutting/sewing?


We're currently in the middle of quite the heat wave. I do not own an air conditioner. This year I was saved by my landlord who graciously lend us one after she heard we had been unable to sleep the last two night due to the heat and humidity. But it's a small AC and is not sufficient to cool down the whole apartment. We're mainly using it for the bedroom.

But that means the temperatures are around 35-37 Celsius (95-99 F.) in my workshop. I have thick heat resistant drapes in the windows and a ceiling fan but there's just so much they can do.

I've had a nose fall off so far on one of my heads, but the others seem to be holding fine. I'm more worried about the rolls of fur I keep in there. Odds are, the heat is going to accelerate the damage storage can make on fur fibers.

I know of many if not all the tricks to smooth down creases, that's not really what I'm asking about.

But since my bathroom is too small to handle large pieces of fur for steaming sessions, do you think it would be best to just use the fur as is, wrinkles and all, and THEN work on the creases directly on the finished suit?
I do realize I run the risk of being stuck with a wrinkle that I cannot get rid of, though, that I could otherwise just cut around if it were dealt with before cutting the pieces out for the suit...

What do you guys think? Ever tried it?
I know some of you guys live in regions where the temperatures are much higher than where I'm at most of the time, so maybe you have some experience you can share about whether ambient heat damages the fur and accentuates wrinkles? How have you been dealing with it? (again, not the technique, but more along the lines of WHEN do you take care of it)
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