erisvalgen (erisvalgen) wrote in fursuit,

Zorro the fox (toony head)

 I actually made him out of the blue cause no one commissioned me for a fox....which i found rather odd O.o But anyway....he's so cute!

It has 2D style eyes, static jaw, taxidermy teeth, anti-pill fleece tongue, squishy latex nose,and flexible ears.The head is extremely light weight and has a hidden zipper at the back of the neck. Good for people that wear glasses so they can put the head on easier. I learned from my mistakes from the mutt toony head i made a few months ago and listened to other makers advice where i needed improvement on. As always is there anything i can improve on from this head??

I hope you guys like him as much as i do.
P.S...this guy is for sale, but you can find more info on the fursuitauction journal.


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