fenrirs_child (fenrirs_child) wrote in fursuit,

the dreaded airbrush question

i'm in the market for an airbrush set after my recent experience with the snow leopard tail X3 i've scoured the memories, and read all the input left on there, and i believe i'll be going with the iwata eclipse hp-cs... but i'm pretty torn on the compressor. i'd really like a smart jet, but it may be out of my price range at the moment... so i'm looking at the ninja jet and the silver jet, as they are paired with my pretty airbrush in kits. i'm liking the size of the ninja jet, as i have a itty bitty workspace, and storage is an issue as it is... so guys, which is better? horror stories? raves? rants? thanks in advance ^^
Tags: airbrushing

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