doopaloop (doopaloop) wrote in fursuit,

Worried/nervous suit + polar bear fur?

Well i sacked the seal costume and went for an albino raccoon/  coondog thing, which is done, should be up on furbuy soon, I dont have a camera right now, but anyway.

for my next project im thinking of doing a skittish looking character, probably a white/ gray fox or other simple canine.

im used to making happy looking characters for puppets/fursuits so this will be a little bit of a challenge, I was wondering if anyone knew of any other tweeked-out looking fursuits for refference.

Im also thinking about maybe  having the tail curl round my leg, since having it tucked between my legs would be awkward, do you think it would be better to design it so it curves in that direction or should i make a straight tale and add a small lobster claw clip to the end so it clips to my pants?

Also has anyone here used the polar bear fur from "the throw company"?

ive orderd swatches but i was wondering if anyone has used it, has pictures of it in use and if you think it would be suitable for hair tufts?

anyway thanks for any help, if i dont reply to comments left after today, thats just because i dont have my own internet access. but ill be back to check on things, thanks!



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