Henrieke (henriekeg) wrote in fursuit,

Lindy and Hop progress blog

Maybe you remember my post from a while ago that Karpour and me were planning to build two blue-eyed lemurs. We're finally getting started!

We're experimenting with a lot of new stuff (to us) this time, and since the characters aren't secret or anything we thought we'd share. I've created a tumblr blog to post the progress to. I'm updating a lot and I don't want to spam this community, so I'm directing you all there right now. If you'd alll like us to we could still make the occasional post here, and I'll definitely show the end result when they're finished! Since you can't comment on the blog, you're welcome to comment here if you have any questions.

(concepts traced over our bodies to get an idea of the proportions)

Tags: concept art

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