shikokumaji (shikokumaji) wrote in fursuit,

Toki the Akita Inu Revamp!

Some of you might've recognized my fursuit at Anthrocon ...

Well, I made him back in March and I wasn't really liking how he visually turned out. So, I recently gutted him out, fixed a couple of structural issues and changed his design up a little bit.

Toki had some visual issues from not really being recognized as a dog at all. So I redesigned the character, I tore out the creepy eyes and gave him large, friendly following eyes. I tore apart the jaw on the inside, reattached the jaw with some new elastic and replaced the teeth and tongue with two little teeth and a soft fleece tongue.

The vision has increased 3x through the eyes, and the ventilation has increased as well.

So what do you guys think? 

Overall, I think the revamp went well. I still have padding left to do in the legs but I actually have commissions to work on, so once again Toki is put back into his box until another day or convention.

*Note* I didn't have my proper 'shoes' with me for the feetpaws, I slid a pair of sandals underneath so they might look goofy when I walk.


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