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The Fixing Up of Doughie: Flaws and Fixes. Really Long Read With Pics!

I'm pretty sure you all (or at least, some of you) recall Doughie T. C. Cuddlecoon, my first build.

I intend to fix up several things with him, in hopes of getting him to look as awesome as I intended him to be.

First off, let me start by mentioning two fixes that I have already implemented:

The eyes. The eyes have been widened and fixed up, and the eyes completely remade. The old eyes used a foam backing with a glossy paper, and a fabric for the eyes. That was the worst idea I had EVER for the eyes, for two reasons. 1: THIS.

The eyes were utterly decimated by my sweat, bending and staining the front to the point where it looked bad. Never, EVER use glossy paper; it looks good but it's as strong as...well, paper. Second thing was the fabric used. Pretty much, I learned how it is to be a real animal without depth perception, and I was actually blind to the point where sight was completely moot. Don't ever, EVER use fabric for the eyes (other than chiffon, as I think that is used by Matrices) because although you may see through it in normal lighting, con/dim lighting will make you completely blind.

So, what did I do to fix the eyes? Well, instead I redid the white parts and the irises so that they are made from fun foam, with the pupil being made of mesh. Eye holes were also widened. The result?

The vision was so improved that I did not even need a guide!

Second fix was the fans on the inside. The fans would turn on for a few seconds, but then turn off (however, the LEDs stayed on). After a bit of discussion and testing, it turns out that the wiring was perfectly fine but the batteries were to blame. Rechargeable batteries have a smaller amount of "amperage" than non-rechargeable batteries; think of amperage as the torque or kick. If it doesn't have enough kick, it won't go very far. The fan ran perfectly fine on a normal 9-volt (which gives out 500 amps; perfect for a fan); if I wanted the same performance, I needed three of the rechargeable 9v batteries (200 mAh) in parallel for each fan! (Even worse, I lost a good chunk of coin thanks to Radioshack's crazy markup).

Welp, that's two of the things fixed with Doughie...There are quite a few things that I need to fix, however!

First off, some areas could use quite a bit more shaving (look at the eyes)...

Second, the muzzle. This will actually be my third time redoing the muzzle, but this time these fixes are not just for aesthetics.

Simply put, it's rather huge and a bit asymmetrical. You can even see that it obscures the vision a bit.

I also have another, humongous, huge, really big small gripe about the head that I really think that, if fixed, would make the suit a whole lot better, nay, a thousand times better! That gripe? It is the smile. Let me explain why: as the face is the gateway to the soul, I believe that a really good expression on a fursuit can really bring out the suit; I'll even go as far as to say that I believe that it can make or break the suit and that it is 95% of it (not to mention it's the hardest part of the suit). I really want to bring out his smile a lot more, and fix the symmetry problems. This is going to be one hell of a plastic surgery attempt, since the whole front is going to be torn out.

Another issue I have with Doughie's head is his ears. Look at them, and you won't realize that the insides of his ears are white. It is likely that the fur was not shaved too well there, but either way those need to be redone to show them. The fix will be relatively easy, as only one side of the ears need fixing (The front and back are divided by a layer of mesh)

The fourth one is more of a difficult one, and it involves reworking the jaw. The moving jaw does work, but it is not fitted well. Also, the jaw appears to be too thick. With the new muzzle's implementation I should be able to fix it up since it is going to be smaller all around.

Whew! Well, that's about half of the things I need to fix, but man oh man is there a bit more.

The bodysuit. It's is a daunting task (especially since it's handsewn), but it needs to be fixed. Primarily, the body's shape is rather off and the fixes are not going to be relatively simple ones.

The short version: it's a matter of form.
The long version: The chest and belly area needs to be redone, mainly to give him a much better look. It pretty much means that I'll have to gut the suit open and redo the shape! Not going to be easy, but it can be done.
Doughie's form is also off (especially in the rear area). In some instances, but I am thinking that the padding in him shifted to the back, or something pushed the form back right there. Whatever it was, it appears that a padding suit that forces everything in place may solve the problem. In the below pic...

...his body form is absolutely perfect, minus the fact that the black on his lower legs are obscured..

The suit was supposed to have chestfluff, and now I have an opportunity to put it on.Chestfluff is awesome.

The original design of Doughie also was supposed to have a navel, but that is debatable and I may scratch that.

And finally, the final fix is the zipper; that was haphazardly sewn on, but better now than never to fix it.

Hopefully, all of these fixes will allow Doughie to be a much better suit. I also would love to hear your thoughts on this, and if possible anything else to help make this suit a whole lot better.

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