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Retired Fursuits

 Recently I commissioned a fullsuit of my main wolf character, this suit will replace a previous partial suit commission I had of the same character.  The old suit has since been retired as it has it's share of cosmetic flaws, wear and tear from the years and just doesn't represent my character to my liking anymore.

I've been trying to think of something to do with the head of my old suit as I do still admire it as a work of art so I don't want to scrap it; and the design of my character is very unique and important to me so no way I am going to sell it.  This got me to thinking of what others who have retired suits have done with them.  Stuff them, mount them on the wall, anything else?  At this point I'm just thinking when I get a larger place of my own I can somehow set it out on display as an art piece.

So yeah!  I'd love to hear experiences others have with old and retired characters and costumes!
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