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My first suit!

Well, I decided to post some photos of my first fursuit. I made Wolf Link, and there are quite a few errors, I know ^^;
So I was wondering if I could have some feedback on how it is, and any suggestions you may have for any future suits I make :)

Now, for some pictures and more information :)

Now, the flaws I know now are; The padding in the legs is very blockish; I went based on my personal perception, I didn't make a DTD or anything else. Another mistake is that the padding is actually glued INTO the suit, and that began to cause tearing if I made a mistake with the foam (which I did). Another issue I found was that the elastics in the legs wasn't strong enough to hold up the calf fur, and I didn't have enough time to finish it. Also, my neck is exposed in a few shots. And finally, the zipper up the line of the belly... I initially thought Link Wolf's belly was the brownish colour, and found out a week before the convention ._.;
Basically, first suit and only a month to make it (I handed it in as a major work for art at school). So your feedback would be very much appreciated if I have missed any flaws, and I just generally want to know your opinions on how it is ^^
Thanks so much in advance!
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