Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in fursuit,
Shaggy Griffon

WIP Lion/Big Cat sculpt

Been working on my first sculpt for my resin masks, starting with a lion/big cat, going more for realism this time. I have compared it to other sculpts/resin casts and some real life photos of lions/tigers, can i get a red line/critique of this? I want it to be the best it can be so i can sell the casts and make pre mades to sell, as well as some Warcraft cosplays :)

Photos here:

others angles here:

what do you all think? I also wanted to know is it necessary for a first time caster like me to add a thin slab into the eye socket for casting, i have a dremel so i can cut it out later. I also think ill keep the nose on it, can it be painted with silicone to get a rubbery feel or would it be better to cut it off the resin cast and then add on a full silicone nose? And should i carve out the tear ducts more or is it okay the way i have it? (I used Beetlecat's tutorial on sculpting mask bases on youtube, and i don't recall her filling in the eye socket at all).
BTW I still have yet to make the indents where the hinges will go, i just wanted to make sure my shaping was good before i did that. The eyes are just sitting in there for looks, but they are about the size of the resin eyes i will cast.

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