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new stuff!

Been a while since I shared any new work here, so here are some critters I finished up over the past few months! I'm including some WIP photos where I have them as well, as I know some of you guys like seeing those! :D

First is a THYLACINE! This guy now lives in Australia, how apt :3 I had lots and lots of fun working out his face shape, didn't want him to look like a weird dog ... big, long wedge-shaped muzzle and round ears! And stripes!


A stoat, which was also lots of fun! This belong to someone who intends to be very active in suit so I kept the hands and feet simple for easy repair/replacement :3


Cute cute fennec! The ears are super lightweight and flexible, but will still keep their shape :) The nose on this guy is just some glossy Sculpey.


Another resin coyote mask, this was finished in time for Halloween. These are hand-painted with EL-wire installed around the eyes.

We all got together on Halloween and met Sexy Sax Man. Yep.


I also made a light-up tail for fun -- this just has some LED Christmas lights sewn inside with a hidden pocket for the battery pack. Not sure if I will make anymore of these, just wanted to try it.

This tail is >up for sale too, if you like it :3

I think that's it for now! Always fun to share finished work here! :D

Tags: finished suits, wip

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