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Foam-work critique?

Sorry about all of the posts! X____X I've been so into working on my fursuit, and so excited that I just wanted to know if I was going in the right direction.

Pictures here: (front view) (side view)
(Sorry about the shitty quality; my webcam sucks, and my camera died on me, it's charging. :<)

I also had a question; is it okay for a 12 year old to be a furry? I've been to several conventions (Furfright was the latest), and after making some new friends, they said it was cool, especially since I make fursuit heads at such a young age and in such quality for some one like me.
Please don't be hating on me, either, I just want to make new friends, and see if anybody else really thinks I should. c:
(And no, I don't go around "tarnishing" the Furry Group by wearing a tail in public, or a shirt that says "I'M A FURRY". I know people who do because when they asked me why I draw animals, I replied, "Well, I'm an animorphic, or a 'Furry'," and then did my best to not make it seem like all we do for a living is have sex with bears or whatever. X3;; My parents are cool with this, too.)

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