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Appearance of Ice?

This may be a really strange question, but one I have been pondering on for a VERY long time. How or what material would be best to replicate ice? I was looking at tackling a few projects, however, they involved the creature being covered or partially covered in ice. At first I thought of resin, but that seemed impractical and very expensive. Next idea was gladwrap or clingwrap, as someone suggested to me, but that's rather... Very easily broken.
Now my next idea is very shiny light blue fur, since a lot of the icey characters I have seen have a blue tint to them. It is cheap, not going to be any different to work with than other furs, and -should- give the result I need.
I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone has ever wondered this, or even if someone has a suggestion for what might work better?

Thanks very much! :)

Ps. Merry Christmas everyone!

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