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The Rules for LJ Fursuit - Please read and Folow....

The Few Rules:

* Before you ask a question, please check the MEMORIES (The text says "Memories" next to the community userpic.) TONS of questions have been categorized!
* Please, keep it PG13. (aka "work safe", no showing "bits")
* Please, ONLY ON TOPIC posts! Keep it on Fursuits you have built, Tutorials, or questions on how to build them, only.
* Please, Do not lock comments. Keep them open.
* For Fursuit Auctions / Sales / Wanting a Quote for something, please post to fursuitauctions! If you're looking to buy or sell fursuits, parts, or costume items, join that community!
* Feel free to show any "HOW TOs" on creating things. THIS is what the community was made for!
* For showing off your work, please limit the front of the post to ONE small picture (please, no larger than 250px by 250px), then for multiple pictures, please use the LJ-cut (see here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 )or just link the URL to the pic.

Use this:
<lj-cut text="TEXT">

Do not put any spaces in the < > brackets.
TEXT= what the link will say.
ENTRY= what you put in the entry inside the cut. This can be pictures, text, etc

* Also if you are showing off your work, PLEASE, don't post day after day after day with your progress. Instead, show us your construction pics by week, or the finished product when you are done.

* Constructive criticism IS ALLOWED. Be aware you may have some members comment on how to improve your work if you end up posting pictures unless you specifically say "Please, no crits on this" (or something along those lines. )




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