CeshionCo (ceshionco) wrote in fursuit,

Beastcub's Califur 2014 Panel

Watch Beastcub explain how she made her suits!

EDIT: Sorry everyone, when I uploaded it to YT I puted as unlisted so I could take my time adding annotations of the materials mentioned. I ditched that Idea and forgot to change it when i posted it here. it's fixed now.

Tags: adhesive, airbrushing, body, bodysuits, darts, digitigrade legs, ears, eyes, fans, feet, furring, furs, glasses / contacts / vision in suit, heads, hooves, horns, inspirational stuff, keeping cool, lights / led / el wire, lips / mouth / tongue, magnets, mannequin heads, markings, materials, mesh, moving jaw, muscle suit, neck, noses, quad, scales, shaving fur, tails, teeth, thoughts, tool dip / plasti-dip, tools, trimming fur, tutorials, whiskers

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