KarmaLarma (demonpencil) wrote in fursuit,

I'm starting work on a very ambitious (for me) cosplay for my sister and myself. We're close to the same size so we plan to be able to swap costumes if one of us starts to get worn out with whatever one we're wearing at the time, but the costumes in mind are Overlord and the wolf mount, both from the video game Overlord II.

I plan for him to be a rather cartoony looking quadsuit since, as you can see, the wolves have very exaggerated shapes, and I plan to construct a minion to ride on the back. But I have a few questions, since this is my first quadsuit and I've found a couple snags in my planning.

First off, despite him being cartoony, his fur does appear to have a variety of colors in it. However, it looks like most "realistic" fur is upwards of 35 bucks a yard and, while this costume obviously isn't going to be cheap, I'd like to try and find some that is a little more reasonable, even if it's shorter than the standard 2 inch shag. Also, I'd usually only want to get fur with a nice texture, sleek and soft, but as these wolves are wild and the slightest bit mangy, I won't mind if the fur I can get is on the rough side. Does anyone know of a fur that might look good for the main bodycoat of these wolves? And if not, would it look very bad with a flat color?

Second, the convention I'm wearing him has very nice scenery around it and I'd like to take some outdoor photos. My plan was to make his pawpads and spray them down with a couple coats of plastidip, both to get a nice rubbery look to them and to hopefully make them tougher. Has anyone used plastidip on foot paw pads and does it hold up outdoors?

I'd also like to make the Minion rider removable, for storage and trasporting purposes. Any way of doing that without adding a saddle? And is it possible to make a moving jaw for a quadsuit head that sits in a way that it is in front of the wearer's head?

And last, I know generally quadsuit heads are built on bike helmets and the like, but is there anything less bulky to use as a base? Or is it good to have the extra mass?
Tags: feet, furs, heads, quad

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