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questions about head sizes, antlers and painting eyes

i have a friend who is absolutely TINY. i'm 5'3" and she is about half-a-head [probably more] shorter than me. recently i started making a premade fursuit, but i made the head quite big so in case i list it on furbuy anyone could buy it. today she told me she wants to buy that suit for a walk in september. that's not a lot of time so i'll be able to make only a partial.

i wanted to ask if you know any tricks or methods to make the head appear more proportional with a partial? in her case it could be problematic i guess...
the only comparision i can give you is her in a fursuit head and then that head next to the WIP one i'll have for sale [it's not me standing next to her].

[sorry for the bad quality]

the second question, regarding head sizes too. what's the best method to make a head that'd look proportional with a partial? i thought about making a resin base but sadly i cannot afford it. any others? i'm short too and normal foam heads look huge on me, that could pass with a totally toony character, but mine is more realistic in proportions i think... i'm talking about him

the third question is regarding his eyes. how would i paint something like this on mesh? i tried to make a stencil but paint somehow always gets under it. i'm not sure if i could paint everything orange and then white on top, i'm afraid the paint would clog the holes or something like this.

andd the last one. someone with a deer fursona is interested in commissioning me, but i've a major problem with how i could make the antlers. again, resin is not an option, and i can make straight horns/spikes from fleece but i couldn't make antlers that way. any other ways?

thank you ^^

Tags: changing body shape, clothing, eyes, fleece, heads, horns, partial suit

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