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Touch Screen Capable Claws!

Tiny Vid Demo~

So yeah! I've been thinking about this for a bit with the problem of having to rip your hamdpaws off in crowds to fiddle with phones during suiting if you're not somewhere you can pop your top easily and I know there are touch screen gloves out there, so this was test one on making claws that can actually work like a stylus for touch screens. It is by no means perfect and it does depend a lot on the angle you're holding the claw at so far, but I'm going to keep fudging with this idea until I get something a good bit more consistent!

I'm gonna do a tutorial for this soon and also offer to make them once I figure out the nitty gritty. right now it's a mess of basic sculpey claws with a core drilled out of the underside, some silver embroidery thread(but conductive thread would work way better, I was just impatient) and the twisted bunch of that hot glued into the underside with the tip free of glue. it's not hard per say, just a little fiddly at the moment, and the tread only comes in so many colors. I've got a few other things I want to try as well to see if there's better more reliable methods. as for an I phone it should work? I can test it out on one tomorrow.

OH one big thing is that those threads coming out the back of the claw have to make good contact with your skin inside.

Alternately, if the paws dont have claws, following a similar method to making your own touchscreen gloves (sewing a small knot into the pad of a finger) would also work, but fur may get in the way if it's too long.

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