julesbirdd (julesbirdd) wrote in fursuit,

satyr/faun leg help?

hi hi !! this is my first time posting as well as undertaking a project anything like this, so my sincere apologies if i do anything wrong or my mess of writing is hard to follow. i've looked around at some posts on here, but haven't been able to find an answer to my particular conumdrum?

i'll be attending dragon con this september, and one of the days i'm going at a faun/satyr critter. i don't have the funds nor time (or willpower, honestly) to do full digigrade legs, so i'm going for something kind of mid-way? i'm hoping to make digigrade/padded shorts; basically just deer haunches? i did a very quick sketch of what i'm hoping to achieve here. i don't know how much sense it makes, so i have another reference here of what is similar to what i am going for, i just want them to be more... haunch-like? i have the feet/hooves all sorted out, so that's not an issue.
so, three questions i guess.

1. roughly how much fur would be needed to make this? (will be using mongolian shag fur; from hip to bottom of knee, my legs are around 17-18 inches)

2. what recommendations would anyone have for padding/filling the shorts?

3. does anyone have any tutorials/references on making this particular kind of piece?

sorry for all the writing/questions and i hope some of this made sense!! if it didn't, i'd be more than happy to clarify anything!!
Tags: changing body shape, clothing, digitigrade legs, first suit, partial suit, patterns, sewing

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