noodledoood wrote in fursuit

Movable Feather Crest?

I don't really know how to use this site yet so I'm sorry if I'm doing it wrong...

I have an idea for a fursuit head (a cockatiel) with a movable feather crest (drawing of what I'm about to badly explain is included). I was imagining a line of 3-4 big feathers on the back of the head that are strung together. The string would then go through a little wire loop on the forehead (under the fur, level with the foam), down one side of the head, and out through the bottom of the neck. The string could then be pulled (hopefully?) to lift the crest up.

I could even make a little foam (or other material?) tunnel thing for the string to slide through so that it doesn't make the fur bumpy or get stuck?

For reference, this is how I would make the feathers:

Does anyone have any tips? Will this work?


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