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How to make a fursuit headbase look more unique?

Hey, so I don't have any photos but I am currently sculpting a headbase of a species not very common in the fandom (but is somewhat becoming popular because of a big maker) and that I've always wanted to make for years. Its a toony base, and there is only one other (well known) person out there that has made a toony version of the species and the challenge of making them anthropromorphic.

Because of the animal you can only fit the head on a certain angle so it brings up a challenge, I was pretty proud of how it was turning out and was working my hardest. However, I showed some WIPS in a chat today and was told by a few people that the head looks just like (insert others name here) which was something I was afraid of hearing.

I can only do so much to the base for it to actually look like the species and yet look unique, nice looking, and proportionate. The person I was accused of copying made a very "generic" toony base not really in any style, yet I have done my best to make it as original and unique as I can. How am I supposed to deal with this? What can I do? Its just a base, right? Its going to be covered up with fur anyway? Im afraid of getting yelled at by other people and afraid of the person I was accused of copying to come and attack me.

Hope this makes sense, I'm at a loss and in a bit of a panic.


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